The Association was a creation of 10 years in the making.  It was in 1990 when groups of Jaycee Senators from the Philippines and Malaysia met and started a journey of friendship that eventually brought along like-minded Jaycee Senators from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia; more particularly during the BIMP-EAGA business conferences. They were an idealistic group and they only wanted fellowship, networking, fun and socializing.  
In 2013, it was decided that the name of the Association of JCI Senators in the South East Asian Nations (ASSEAN).
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Our Mission

To make available a pool of matured, experienced JCI Senators who wish to source for suitable expertise and resources and promote networking opportunities and brotherhood.



JCI Senators display determination and leadership and are encouraged to stay connected and provide support throughout the entirety of their lives.


The Presidency will be by rotation of the different member countries;
Only active Senator members from the country where the President is coming will be entitled to vote;
Jaycee Senators from the other countries will not be allowed to directly or indirectly get involved in the election of the Incoming President

Nelson S. Tan

President 2019

Dr Benjie Ng

Immediate Past President 2019

Jorge Banal

Chairman Senior Citizenship 2019

Itho Bariumanto

Deputy President 2019

Dominic Chuo

Chairman of the Foundation Board of Directors 2019

William Tay

Chairman Assean Business Committee 2019

Jenny Ho

Chairman of Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Development 2019

Iris Nancy Ho

Country Vice President 2019 Malaysia

Denny Tumiwa

Country Vice President 2019 Indonesia

Cassie Tan

Country Vice President 2019 Singapore

Dr. Hue Pham

Country Vice President 2019 Vietnam

Josephine Llorca

Country Vice President 2019 Philippines

Ivy Stanislaus

Honorary Secretary-General 2019

Ira Kusumawardani

Honorary Treasurer 2019

Godie Liban

General Legal Council 2019

William Tay

Chairman Youth Exchange Programme 2019

Nelson S. Tan

President 2019

Dato Seri Dr Derek Goh

President 2014

"My committed involvement in the JCI World for close to 50 years and in particular the JCI Senate ASEAN since the early 90's truly added meaning and purpose to my life"

Jorge Banal Sr.

President 2008

"I'm impressed with the vibrance of Jayceeism that every senator continue to make better persons and leaders for the world. Cheers to JCI."

Late Dr. Erick San Juan

President 2005 - Senator No.33924

"My involvement with this wonderful organisation from the very offset has been and will always be an exceptional journey with fellow ASSEAN JCI Senators and friends in fellowship, promoting peace and cultural understanding and combining talents and efforts to make a difference for a better world to live in."

Datuk Aaron Pang

President 2002

"ASSEAN provides all the opportunities for JCI Senators to build lifelong friendships, business and social networking, travelling to interesting cultures and countries, and make our lives more meaningful."

Dominic Chuo

President 2013

"In my 50+ Years in the JCI movement, I'M ENJOYING MY LAST YEARS with the ASEAN JCI Senators."

Reynaldo C. Bautista

President 2016

"The brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations. JCI is my life."

Yugi Prayanto

President 2011 - Senator No : 58070

"Some of the best time in my 45 years as a JC are with ASSEAN. It's all about Brotherhood and Fellowship"

George Chu

President 2017


More than 50 years ago, the JCI Senate was established to recognize the outstanding achievements and service of JCI members worldwide.

Contact Us

Secretary General 2019 - JCI Sen. Ivy Stanislaus

27-C West Riverside St San Francisco Del Monte Quezon City 1105, Philippines