About us - 1
The Association was a creation of 10 years in the making.  It was in 1990 when groups of Jaycee Senators from the Philippines and Malaysia met and started a journey of friendship that eventually brought along like-minded Jaycee Senators from Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia; more particularly during the BIMP-EAGA business conferences. They were an idealistic group and they only wanted fellowship, networking, fun and socializing.  

On 8 December 1999, 22 JCI Senators from the five country members met in Thailand and decided it was time to have a more semi-structured set up but with the same basic working philosophies that they have nurtured during the earlier years.  JCI Senator Rene Florencio & the late Datuk Hj Ahmad Ali Lope were in the forefront of this formation. 

There, Asean Jaycee Senate was born, with the following office bearers:
- Chapter President : ​JCI Sen Rene Florencio (Philippines)
- Deputy President :​ JCI Sen Datuk Junior Pang (Malaysia)
- Vice Presidents : ​​
          JCI Sen Hillman Sulaiman (Indonesia) 
          ​JCI Sen Pridi Wongjenson (Thailand)
​          JCI Sen Chong Swan Let (Singapore)
- Secretary General : ​JCI Sen Renato Lim (Philippines)
- Honorary Treasurer : ​JCI Sen Jose Halili Co (Philippines)
They agreed on a system which they hope would make them friends for a much longer period of time:

1. ​The Presidency will be by rotation of the different member countries;

2.​ Only active Senator members from the country where the President is coming will be entitled to vote;

3. ​Jaycee Senators from the other countries will not be allowed to directly or indirectly get involved in the election of the Incoming President;

4. As an organization, it shall not get involved with the politics of any Jaycee Senate and Regular Jaycee organizations. 

5. There will be quarterly meetings every year to be hosted on a voluntary basis by member countries

6.  ​There will be a half day “Business Opportunity Session’ during the quarterly meetings.
It was in the last five years that we were joined by Senators from Vietnam and Cambodia.  Over the last fifteen years, we have visitors and started to link-up with Jaycee Senators groups from Europe, The Americas & Carribean, Mongolia, Taiwan & Japan.  Members in the Association have forged strong friendship beyond business, enjoyed hospitality, cuisines and different attractions that each host city had to offer.  They also pooled resources to do some socio civic works for humanitarian assistance during calamities as well as assist young Jaycees in their meaningful projects.

In 2013, it was decided that the name of the Association be Association of JCI Senators in the South East Asian Nations (ASSEAN).  The Association now has close to 250 members.