Nelson S. Tan

President 2019

Dr Benjie Ng

Immediate Past President 2019

Jorge Banal

Chairman Senior Citizenship 2019

Itho Bariumanto

Deputy President 2019

Dominic Chuo

Chairman of the Foundation Board of Directors 2019

William Tay

Chairman Assean Business Committee 2019

Jenny Ho

Chairman of Social Enterprise & Entrepreneurship Development 2019

Iris Nancy Ho

Country Vice President 2019 Malaysia

Denny Tumiwa

Country Vice President 2019 Indonesia

Cassie Tan

Country Vice President 2019 Singapore

Dr. Hue Pham

Country Vice President 2019 Vietnam

Josephine Llorca

Country Vice President 2019 Philippines

Ivy Stanislaus

Honorary Secretary-General 2019

Ira Kusumawardani

Honorary Treasurer 2019

Godie Liban

General Legal Council 2019

William Tay

Chairman Youth Exchange Programme 2019


Dr Benjie Ng

President 2018

George Chu

Immediate Past President 2018

William Tay

Presidential Adviser 2018

Dato’ Seri Dr. Derek Goh

Senior Presidential Advisor 2018

Victor Wong

Presidential Adviser 2018

Parlindungan Purba

Deputy President 2018

Dato Sri Sean Wong

Secretary General 2018

Linda Tean

Honorary Treasurer 2018

Jerry Ah Chin Kow

General Legal Counsel 2018

Dr. Hue Pham

Country Vice President 2018 Vietnam

Datin Doren Asiah Azlan

Country Vice President 2018 Malaysia

YB Hamdhani S.I.P

Country Vice President 2018 Indonesia

Nelson S. Tan

Country Vice President 2018 Philippines

Philip Marcelo

Country Vice President 2018 Singapore

Lee Oi Cheng

Auditor 2018

Philip Chia

Director 2018 Singapore


George Chu

President 2017

Reynaldo C. Bautista

Immediate Past President 2017

Dr Benjie Ng

Deputy President 2017

Iris Nancy Wong

Secretary General 2017

Christina Lo

Treasurer 2017

Dr Elton See Tan

General Legal Counsel 2017

Ooi Sze Hwa

Country Vice President 2017 Malaysia

YB Hamdhani S.I.P.

Country Vice President 2017 Indonesia

Philip Marcelo

Country Vice President 2017 Singapore

Hussin Amin

Country Vice President 2017 Philippines

Nguyen Quang Toan

Country Vice President 2017 Vietnam


Reynaldo C. Bautista

President 2016

Anton Santoso

Immediate Past President 2016

George Chu

Deputy President 2016

Ma. Elizabeth Calalo

Secretary General 2016

Nelson S. Tan

Treasurer 2016

Rogelio Garcia

General Legal Counsel 2016

Patricia Poh

Country Vice President 2016 Malaysia

Ivy Ho

Country Vice President 2016 Singapore

Denny W M Tumiwa

Country Vice President 2016 Indonesia

Johnny Domino

Country Vice President 2016 Philippines

Vu Giao Long

Country Vice President 2016 Vietnam


Anton Santoso

President 2015

Dato Seri Dr Derek Goh

Immediate Past President 2015

Nguyen Thanh Vinh

Country Vice President 2015 Vietnam


Dato Seri Dr Derek Goh

President 2014

Dominic Chuo

Immediate Past President 2014

Nguyen Quang Toan

Country Vice President 2014


Dominic Chuo

President 2013

Late Douglas Nazareno

Immediate Past President 2013

Dr Benjie Ng

Deputy President 2013

Patricia Poh

Secretary General 2013

Late Billy Ooi

Treasurer 2013

Roger Rayala

General Legal Counsel 2013

Reynaldo C. Bautista

Country Vice President 2013 Philippines

Ho Quang Minh

Country Vice President 2013 Vietnam

Dr Koh Yang Fatt

Country Vice President 2013 Singapore

Anton Radiumanto Santoso

Country Vice President 2013 Indonesia

YB Datuk Dr. Marcus Mojigoh

Country Vice President 2013 Malaysia

Ueychai Viravan

Country Vice President 2013 Thailand


Late Douglas Nazareno

President 2012

Yugi Prayanto

Immediate Past President 2012


Yugi Prayanto

President 2011 - Senator No : 58070

William Tay

Immediate Past President 2011


William Tay

President 2010

Julius Wong

Immediate Past President 2010

Yugi Prayanto

Deputy President 2010

Terence Lim

Secretary General 2010

Late Victor

Country Vice President 2010 Philippines

Ho Quang Minh

Country Vice President 2010 Vietnam

Dominic Chuo

Country Vice President 2010 Malaysia


Julius Wong

President 2009

Late Datuk Hj Ahmad Ali

Advisor 2009

Jorge Banal Sr.

Immediate Past President 2009

Terence Lim

Deputy President 2009

Sakinolin Mohamad

Secretary General 2009

Angeline CY Chong

Treasurer 2009

Godie Liban

General Legal Counsel 2009

Roger Rayala

Deputy General Legal Counsel 2009

Vic Soliven

Country Vice President 2009 Philippines

Ho Quang Minh

Country Vice President 2009 Vietnam

Yugi Prayanto

Country Vice President 2009 Indonesia

Dominic Chuo

Country Vice President 2009 Malaysia

Chy Sila

Observer 2009

Lito Ong

Asean Newsletter Chief Editor 2009


Jorge Banal Sr.

President 2008


Taddy Petkul

President 2007


Dato Sri Prof. Dr. Wong Eng Kong

President 2006


Late Dr. Erick San Juan

President 2005 - Senator No.33924


Late Victor Tay Kok Leong

President 2004


Pridi Wongjenson

President 2003


Datuk Aaron Pang

President 2002

Renato Florencio

Immediate Past President 2002

Christina Lo

Secretary General 2002


Renato Florencio

Charter President 2000 & 2001 Senator No. 25635

Datuk Aaron Pang

Deputy President 2000 & 2001

Renato Lim

Secretary General 2000 & 2001

Jose Halili Co

Treasurer 2000 & 2001

Hillman Sulaiman

Country Vice President 2000 & 2001 Indonesia

Pridi Wongjenson

Country Vice President 2000 & 2001 Thailand

Late Chong Swan Lek

Country Vice President 2000 & 2001 Singapore